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We Design. We Install. We Power.


How It Works

We follow this four easy steps to ensure the best for our clients.

1. Consultation

We give you a free solar consultation that will tell you all the major and minor details. Our consultants will also help you plan on how you can save money through the solar installation for the next 20 years!

2. Proposal

When our consultant is done and you are ready, we sign and agree to avoid any problems later. There are no hidden terms or conditions or fee, all is right there for you to read and sign.

3. Delivery and Installation

Our technicians will come over and start their work. From designing to installing, they will do everything whatever is required.

4. Completion

It is now time for you to turn on your new clean, affordable and renewable energy!

About 2cay Solar

2cay Solar is a solar power consultancy with an expertise in rooftop and ground mount PV (Photovoltaic) projects. Our main scope of work is to assist our clients to get the most economical solar solution with the correct performance guarantees and manage the process for them.

Your Solar Partner for Sustainable Energy!


What they say

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Download our company profile to learn more about our company, our services, brands we cater, our latest projects, benefits of having a solar in your home or office. Choose among our products, and we will tailor it according to your need and budget.

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